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Our company was established since 1997 and is located in Turkey in the city of İzmir. Our activities consist mainly in providing cleaning products, repair, service equipment and hand tools for the automotive industry. Since 2007, AUTOCAR, our brand is a registered trademark and has received the patent of the Turkish Patent Institute for technical products (brakes and accessories Cleaning Spray, spray rust remover, spray grease, etc..), Products of maintenance (fluid without car wash sponge, engine, wheels, tires etc..) protection kits at the mechanical department (seats coverings, paper doilies, wing covers etc..) and instant effect tapes and adhesives. Our company is also recognized for its high yield business and the quality of its products. In order to develop a large clientele, we offer a varied services products in the automotive at national and international level.

The direction of Otokar Ltd. Co. attaches particular importance to the management, service quality, customers’ satisfaction and employees’ accountability to stakeholders. The main priorities are to maintain the quality standards of service of our company accredited by ISO 9001-2008 quality management system certification of quality standards Jas-ANZ Quest International certification.

Our company has legal representations in five regions of the country. Our goal is to promote our company internationally and guarantee the work through our experiences with the use of our resources and new technologies.